What Runners Should Know

How will Run Smart New York improve my running performance?

Run Smart New York addresses the mechanics of running. Runners who complete the workshops increase their mobility, flexibility and strength, all of which improve running performance and reduce the likelihood of injury. The goal of Run Smart New York is to help runners run for life!

When and where are Run Smart New York workshops held?

Conducted in late spring (May/June) and again in early autumn (September/October), most Run Smart New York’s mini-clinics are conducted at Duke Chiropractic’s midtown offices at 9 East 38th Street (between Madison and Fifth Avenues), 9th floor. Workshop times vary, but most tend to take place around 6 p.m. Dr. Duke can also accommodate a larger group — a local running team, for example — at another location, also at no charge. To sign up, fill out the form at the bottom of this page and indicate which workshop you want to attend.

How long are the clinics, and what is the cost? Do I need to reserve?

Run Smart New York clinics are free and take less than an hour. We focus on different areas of a runner’s body. Think of it as turbocharged sports medicine. Because space is limited, you need to reserve a space in advance by completing the form at the bottom of this page.

I’m not a competitive runner. Is Run Smart New York right for me?

Yes. Whether you run competitively or not, you're making demands on your body, like an athlete would. It's your responsibility to support your body so it doesn’t break down. Run Smart New York doesn’t take the place of sports medicine, but it helps runners minimize the worsening of an injury until they can see a doctor. Want to know more about what you'll learn in our clinics? Watch our videos.

How Run Smart New York Works

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The current Run Smart New York schedule:

  • Wednesday, September 28th 6:30pm - Keep plantar fasciitis & Achilles tendonitis away - and get your running back on track!

    If you are suffering from these foot & lower leg ailments – there’s hope for you! Dr. Peter Duggan will show you how to keep plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis away. Come and learn some sports medicine secrets that every runner should know.

Feel free to bring a friend to Run Smart New York, but, because class size is limited (and unless otherwise noted), you must sign up by filling out the form on the bottom of this page, and, if applicable, include the name(s) of anyone you’re bringing.

Our schedule is frequently updated, so check this site often!

What people are saying

Alyssa A.

Alyssa A.

Dr. Duke has been instrumental in keeping me injury-free and race-ready over the past five years. The techniques and stretching/strengthening advice from his Run Smart New York clinics has allowed me to address any issues before they could keep me from staying active. He is always current with the latest research/trends and takes a holistic approach, ensuring he understands my goals in relationship to his treatment.

Jana C.

Jana C.

Dr. Duke not only correctly diagnosed and treated my running injury but restored my range of motion to its previous level. He also provided me with a personalized strengthening routine to rehabilitate my injury and to address muscle imbalances. Further demonstrations with mobility tools at Run Smart New York have accelerated my recovery and ensured that I can address an issue before it becomes a chronic problem.

Sean F., NCAA DIII | NYC Running Coach

Sean F., NCAA DIII | NYC Running Coach

Dr. Duke, his team, and Run Smart New York are invaluable sources of information for me and the athletes I refer to him. Proper diagnosis of injuries, along with the correct treatment and ongoing care, is crucial to the success of any runner. Dr. Duke has educated me, and the athletes I work with, on the proper use of foam rolling, stretching techniques, and icing.



After I saw multiple doctors, received different diagnoses, and had to drop out of the Chicago Marathon, my running coach referred me to Dr. Duke. Not only was he able to eliminate my back pain, but his Run Smart New York clinics taught me how to prevent further injury. By using his advice and techniques, I was able to successfully train for and complete the Boston Marathon.